"Are you ready to help lift the world?"
As global challenges increase, the need for New Engineers increase. The type of
engineers who understand what society needs, and bring about the kind of change
that can make the world a better place to live in.

different kind of education

We - Engineers, Mathematicians, Psychologists, Philosophers, Education Developers and Communications specialists – recognize that education has not yet caught up with the real-world demand of different kind of engineers and global citizens.

Thus we aspire to educate and train them by offering a different kind of education. One that values the student’s personal development and brings various technological, behavioural, social, and design perspectives into a classroom of ATLAS University College Twente.

ATLAS University College Twente

University College Twente offers the only Honours Bachelor’s programme in the
Netherlands that combines Technology with Liberal education: Technology and
Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS)

dynamic programme

Our passionate team of teachers has developed a dynamic programme with a Physics, Math and Social Science at its core. The way of teaching is different from in the traditional programmes. This is because we believe that learning from books alone is not learning anything at all. Therefore we integrated the elements of the core subjects into a real-world issues that can be solved in a project setting.

Besides that, students develop academic skill-sets within the six Learning Lines that run throughout the programme: Learning Capacity, Research, Design, Organization & Leadership, Communication and Interdisciplinarity.

studying with passion

We believe that the future world calls for passionate specialists who are excellent at what they do, but who are also imaginative, curious and have an open look at today’s complicated world.

This is the reason why next to the Physics, Math and Social Science we also encourage students to pursue their passions as their Personal Pursuits. While doing that we believe our students will eventually become socially responsible engineers, enthusiastic sustainable energy advocates, creative computer specialists or environmentally conscious politicians.

“Macintosh turned out so well
because people working there were
musicians, artists, poets and
historians, who also happened to be
excellent computer scientists”
Steve Jobs

Residential on-campus College

University College Twente provides all students with guaranteed on-campus housing for the first two years of the programme. During this time students live together, forming an inclusive and supportive living environment. This allows to create a peer-to-peer learning environment, and overall a strong group spirit.

The future after ATLAS

An ATLAS degree is the foundation for you to progress to your chosen career or to undertake graduate studies. Whether you wish to become an engineer, computer specialist, politician, international manager or psychologist, with your Honours diploma in Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) you will be eligible to apply for virtually any corresponding Master’s programme.

Is ATLAS for you?

ATLAS University College Twente is the best fit for those prospective students who are having a hard time to choose the subject they wish to study at the university, simply because they have too many interests to choose from. At ATLAS everyone can chart their education path within their own tailor-made programme. If you are one of the top students in your class and have a broad interest, strong ambitions and pioneering spirit – this Honours Bachelor of Science programme is what you were looking for.

Solve tomorrow's challenges